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Why I Got Started

 I started Sneaker Wave as a simple hobby, so I could have an outlet to write about whatever I wanted to. For a long time, I was scared to publish. I feared judgement, failure, and simply had no idea where to begin. When I started focusing on my mental health, I decided to overcome my fears and create this blog. The idea of Sneaker Wave is to be a landing spot for my thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and life lessons. It got its name from the simple fact that life is like a sneaker wave: it will sweep you off your feet in any given moment and leave you in a whirl. I want to use this space as a tool for everyone in search, regardless the topic. I encourage you to read along and I hope you can learn something that empowers you and helps you overcome your fears that stand in the way of your dreams.

Along with the blog, you can also get information and any inquires for my services as a Freelance Marketing Consultant and Content Creator.  

Thank you for being here, you are awesome!

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