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Freelance Marketing Consultant


If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a nonprofit searching for Branding, Marketing and/or Advertising,  this is a great place to start. I work closely with the beginning steps to properly market yourself and your business, ensuring you are set up for success. I would love to meet with you and help you navigate your industry, so please reach out. (each service is priced based on project, length, value, means of work, and type of services provided).

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Branding You

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Marketing Consultant

Recording Makeup Videos

 User Generated-Content (UGC)

When it comes to your company, the most important foundational step is creating your brand. Creating a logo, color scheme, and verbiage is the best way to solidify your company throughout the marketing process.

You can hire a Marketing Consultant for a variety of business needs including strategic planning, industry research/ analytics, digital marketing, social media, copywriting, and building a campaign (to name a few). Investing in marketing can bring value and revenue to your company.

New to the marketing field is User-Generated Content. This is a creative video, picture, post, or audio posted by an individual, rather than the brand. The reason this is a huge focus for the advertising budget is because the product is being shared by a genuine, reliable source, increasing the chance of purchase and long term customer.

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