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Charlotte Chanel Co - Comfiest Sweatsuits

I am officially an ambassador for Charlotte Chanel Co and I am SO excited!! If you know me, then you most likely have seen me in the original "No Days Off" sweatsuit, if not a million times!

Charlotte Chanel Co was started in 2021 by Kimmy Wilson. Along with selling the comfiest sweatsuits, Kimmy's main focus is to raise awareness for mental health, with a soft spot for prenatal mental health. Her newest addition to her line is "The Unconditional Love Club" (TULC) -- which is a movement to spread love and give people the space to find love for themselves and for others. Her clothing line for spring (two piece set with sweat shorts and bra) is embroidered with TULC. Go to her website to sign up for her email to get pre-access when the drop happens.

Mental health and unconditional love is a huge part of my life story and I am honored to be a part of spreading awareness and helping others on their path to find balance. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 14 years old, and in these recent years have been able to get a solid grip on it and live a close to normal life again.

When Kimmy asked me to be an ambassador, I knew I wanted to make the MOST out of the experience. Since I recently became a content creator, my schedule hosts space to build something more with Charlotte Chanel Co.

Kimmy and I want to introduce "100 Days of Kindness" where we will challenge each other to do an act of kindness once a day for the next 100 days. We will be documenting our journey and sharing our stories along the way. If anyone wants to join our challenge, please reach out, post on your stories and tag #100daysofkindness. Together, we can make a difference.

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