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Women in Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

As many of you know, I am avid in the Women’s Empowerment Movement. March is National Women's Month (Women's History Month) and I wanted to take a moment too high light some women in my life along with a couple women who are amazing artists with wonderful companies.

Brooke Johnson (IG: @itsnotbrookejohnson) deserves a HUGE shout out, because she has been such an inspiration in my own growth this past year. She has encouraged me to create content and share it with the world. Brooke is also avid in Women's Empowerment and is always pushing the limit within herself to show others anything is possible.... which, has inspired me to do the same! I love her work and want others to follow her story.

If you know me, you know I LOVE sneakers and plants! Well, Marissa Ell is a wonderful friend who also loves sneakers and plants! She created her own company called Leaves x Laces (IG: @leavesxlaces). She is based out of Portland, OR and loves to host events throughout the year bringing the sneaker and plant communities together.

Along with my love for sneakers & plants, I've recently fallen' in love with Sweatsuits. It has grown to an absolute obsession ever since Kimmy Wilson created her company Charlotte Chanel Co (IG: @Charlotte.Chanel.Co). Kimmy has started with batch selling of sweatsuits (that I swear are sent from heaven, and I could live in them every day.... Which I already do) each batch runs until they are out. She recently became a mother and decided to create Charlotte Chanel Co with the mission to raise awareness about postpartum mental health and to donate 10% of her profits to a variety of charities involved. These sweatsuits are EVERYTHING, I promise you, BUY ONE! The store link is in her bio, sign up for her mailing list to get early access for the next drop!

Kalina Silverman (IG: @kalinasliverman) is another wonderful woman in business. She created a company called Big Talk where she encourages people to deepen their connection with one another by asking big questions. The purpose is to skip the small talk and make meaningful connections. Follow her and her page to learn more and to follow her journey!

This past week, I met Uju, a children's shoe designer in Happy Valley, OR. Her company is Ozznek Shoes (IG: @ozznekshoes) which are made specifically for multipurpose both indoors and outdoors. She designed a replaceable sole for the shoes, to be easily taken off or placed on the shoe, depending on the occasion. She sells two pairs of shoes rather than one per box to increase the variety available. The style of shoe is modern and sleek, keeping your child in style. check out her website in the link from her bio to purchase two pair today!

And for ALL of you who love chocolate, you are going to LOVE Hilary’s (IG: Fawkes) chocolate bars and truffles. She handicrafts her chocolate, and gives it an artistic touch of color, expressing her creative side. She is popular in the Bend area and does pop ups in local businesses monthly. My sister, Jessica, is COMPLETELY OBSESSEDwith her chocolates, she always has a stock of them on her bedside.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to some other local women in business. I went to Makers Market, a Local Women Entrepreneur's Market, in Bend, Oregon this winter. I wanted to write about each artist, but I figured it would be easier for you to click their links and find out more about them yourselves. Each artist was amazing in her own work, and I ended up buying something from each booth in support of their work. (Keep in mind, the Makers Market happens every quarter, so be on the look out for the next event!)

  1. Made on Galvaneston (MOG) - she creates amazing concrete home decor (Vessels/pots, candles, and trays). I personally bought a pot for my plants that is shaped like butt cheeks!

  2. June L Park - June is an artist who captures the high desert in her art and creates other forms of material such as bags, cards and puzzles.

  3. Mountain Fiber Design - She designs beautiful macrame arranged in different colors, along with dip died pieces. She specializes in making wall art, mirror frames, plant holders, and wine bottle holders.

  4. Lauren LA Florals - Lauren is a watercolor artist who has recently found her love for painting floral designs and other natural pieces. She loves to make her own paper and then paint a piece of art on top of it. She was such a delight to talk with and her piece of art is hanging in my room!

  5. Sydney Irene - Sydney is a very talented pottery maker and instructor in Bend, OR. her mugs are my favorite, as they each are unique in their own way and have a special features that catch anybodies eye. Along with her business, she teaches classes in Bend, so you can follow her for more information!

  6. Gem hugger - Brooke is a gem hugger herself, she loves all types of gems and uses them daily as a natural medicine. She creates jewelry with the gems as the centerpiece. Her creativity and mission to heal, empower and protect is divine. Follow her to get your own unique gem piece.

  7. Sweet dirt tie dye - THESE TIE DYES ARE MADE IN SNOW, need I say less? The amazing patterns are captivating and are one of a kind! check out her website to find your fit.

  8. Slip studio - Jess has a knack for creating abstract and simplistic pieces of art. Her homemade goodies are so cute its hard to pick just one! I obsessed over her little pots and mugs and couldn't make up my mind, so I now have a set.

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