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Why biking is the best way to explore your new surroundings

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Have you ever ridden down the streets of a city in the back of a car, with the windows down and you look up at the sky to see the towers stretching into the clouds? Now imagine being on a bike and having the free feeling of the air all around you, the sounds of nature and traffic, and the ability to see everything without sticking your head out a window.

The organic feeling about riding a bike through the town is breathtaking. Riding into neighborhoods, through the parks and down by the river, you get a better feel for where you are located. This is also thought of as being grounding, becoming more in-tune with the earth and actually uplifting to your mood. It is equally better for the earth than driving a car.

When you are visiting a new town or just moved to a new location, riding your bike is the best way to become familiar with your new surroundings. Learning streets becomes easier and taking note of the local eateries, salons, stores, and wineries.

Riding your bike is also a great exercise and can be helpful to lose weight, boost energy, and aid in a better night’s sleep. Next time you have to go to work or the grocery store, ride your bike instead.

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